Keeping the magic in your MBA degree

As the Danish MBA market grows, holding a quality-stamped MBA degree from a recognised academic institution becomes more important. (Børsen)


Keeping the magic in your MBA degree

The MBA market in Denmark has exploded over the last few years and terminology such as part-time MBA, mini-MBA and MBA courses have entered the MBA vocabulary. With so many institutions offering MBAs, the magic and the power of putting an MBA degree on your CV may get lost on the way. So what should a potential student look for when researching MBA options and degrees?

"An MBA is not just an MBA today. We see more and more MBA offerings in the market, and therefore it becomes of increasing importance where your MBA degree is from," says Poul Hedegaard, MBA Director at CBS. "Holding an MBA degree from a recognised, accredited, academic institution, is still a fantastic qualitfication and a real boost to your CV."

Read the full article and interview on Børsen, published 5 October 2013, here.



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