Face the future - thought-provoking seminar arranged by the CBS MBA Alumni Society


“Even the most established companies will need to adopt a start-up mentality.” Entrepreneur Anders Hvid brought CBS MBA alumni face to face with the reality facing businesses today when speaking at an alumni event earlier this month.


Understanding the future

CBS MBA alumni event on facing the future Feb 2016

“If we wait to see the danger, it will be too late” was the message delivered by entrepreneur and futurist Anders Hvid in a thought-provoking seminar arranged by the CBS MBA Alumni Society on 3 February. More than ever, it is the technological development that creates the foundation for change in our world. Figuring out how technologies such as biotech, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing evolve and what methods are needed for understanding and exploiting technological developments are paramount for staying in business in the future.

"When something becomes digital, it changes everything”, he said and served CBS MBA alumni with the classic example of Kodak vs. Instagram. It illustrated the downfall of what was once a leading technology company suffering a $1.4 billion loss in the same year - 2012 - that photo-sharing, social media company Instagram, consisting of 13 employees, was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Through these staggering facts, CBS MBA alumni were brought face-to-face with the result of rapid technological advancement over the last few years.

To establish whether your company is prepared to face the future, Anders Hvid provided CBS MBA alumni with a few questions to answer:

  • Does your company focus on new technology and how it will affect your industry, livelihood or business model?
  • Will your company be the next victim of the disruption by exponentially accelerating technology?
  • Will your company be able to discover the exponential growth opportunities that lie just around the corner, before it's too late?

Please click here to read an account of the day written by CBS MBA Alumni Society student representative Georgianna Carlson.


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