Copenhagen MBA class of 2016 graduates: “We have pushed each other forward and created an environment where we could be our best selves”



Congratulations to the Copenhagen Full-time MBA Class of 2016!

Copenhagen Full-time MBA 2016 graduation

On Saturday 20 August, the Copenhagen MBA class of 2016 gathered for the last time in the CBS Executive building. Their final, enjoyable task was to don their caps and gowns and celebrate the fact that they had earned the universally respected qualification that is the MBA degree. Across the courtyard in Ovnhallen, friends and family stemming from various corners of the globe eagerly awaited the procession of faculty and graduates. Emotions ran high throughout the ceremony and feelings of joy and pride, both on stage and among the audience, were tangible.

CBS Full-time MBA Associate Dean Birthe Larsen was the first to address the graduates. She praised the class for its diversity and ability to offer insightful perspectives to classroom discussions.

“Diversity is important for the quality of teaching, and it is certainly important in the workplace, as we know that a diverse group of employers increase productivity. As humans, we need to embrace diversity and use it as a way to make us wiser.”

Peter Møllgaard, Dean of Research at CBS, took to the stage next to introduce the member of faculty that had been elected Teacher-of-the-Year by the MBA students. The MBAs had decided to honour Associate Professor Jeppe Christoffersen, teacher of the Financial Statement Analysis course, with this award for his great personality, pedagogical skills, and ability to engage the class in a difficult subject.

“I am particularly proud to have received this accolade from a group of ambitious and qualified individuals whom I respect and like,” he said upon receiving the award, “You were curious, challenging, dedicated, polite and respectful: A teacher’s dream!”

Charlotte Fly Andersen, Chairman of the CBS MBA Alumni Society, the largest MBA network in Scandinavia, congratulated the graduates on having regained their freedom and welcomed them into the MBA afterlife.

“You’ve been on a tough journey and worked really hard, but there will come a time when you will want that MBA sprinkle again. Through the CBS MBA Alumni Society you’ll be able to keep your fresh toolbox updated with the newest knowledge and you’ll also keep expanding your network at social MBA gatherings.“

She had the pleasure to introduce class-elected Student-of-the-Year, Paul Wiberg-Jørgensen, nominated by his fellow MBAs for his extraordinary contributions to creating a positive learning environment.

“I am humbled and touched by your kind words and feel happy, tired and moved as I cross the MBA finish line today. Throughout this year, we have pushed each other forward and created an environment where we were able to be our best selves and where we could feel inspired, safe and at home. I now encourage my fellow MBAs to be bold and try something new!”

Two additional students, Saskia Thiessen and Daniel Eklund, were also brought to the stage to be recognised for their leadership achievements. The Leadership Discovery Process (LDP) is a key component of the Copenhagen MBA and students are on an introspective journey to self-discovery from the very first day.

In their joint speech, Saskia Thiessen acknowledged having learned that leadership is a gift and that the modern part of leadership is 'followership':

“The LDP was an insightful, inspiring, exhausting, deeply meaningful experience. In order to lead, we need to raise ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard. That way we become the best version of ourselves.”

“When I leave today I will start making the world a better place, and people will follow,” added Daniel Eklund, articulating what is at the very core of the Copenhagen MBA.

In his closing remarks, CBS MBA Director and host Poul Hedegaard quoted Mark Twain:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. I hope this journey has brought your somewhat closer to the latter, and I speak from own experience when I say that nothing in your professional life will ever be as tough as what you’ve encountered in the MBA!”

With that, the graduates were invited one by one up on stage to collect their proof-of-degrees and subsequently asked to move their tassels from right to left, signifying that they are now in possession of the coveted three-letter abbreviation that is the MBA degree.

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