Gastronomic entrepreneur becomes Distinguished Alum at CBS

Serial entrepreneur. Social entrepreneur. Passionate gastronome spanning from canteen operator over TV chef to being one of the architects behind the New Nordic Kitchen. Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog. Adjunct professor at CBS. Claus Meyer, (SPRØK) from 1991, was the obvious choice for Distinguished Alum in CBS’ centenary year.


Claus Meyer did not just study at and get his degree at CBS; he also started his gastronomic career there. While studying, he established his first of what have become many companies, Torvekøkkenet, which handled the canteen operations in Dalgas Have at Handelshøjskolen.

This year, the educational institution where his entire gastronomic business adventure began, honours him. On CBS Alumni Day on 19 May, Claus Meyer will add ‘CBS Distinguished Alumnus’ to the impressive list of titles he already holds and give a lecture to his fellow alumni in CBS’ largest auditorium.

The Distinguished Alumnus himself was happy and proud to receive the nomination and is looking forward to the day: “It is a great recognition. It gives me the feeling that the ring is closed,” says Claus Meyer to CBS Alumni.

Will honour and highlight beacons among alumni

Claus Meyer is not the first Distinguished Alum at CBS, as that honour was conferred on Andreas Nicolaisen in 2014. But with the appointment of Claus Meyer in the centenary year, CBS makes the appointment of distinguished alumni a tradition – not appointments with a specific frequency, but when a name becomes so obvious and the person meets the criteria to such a full extent that the appointment becomes self-evident.

There are many good reasons that CBS has begun selecting and honouring distinguished alumni:

“CBS is not merely an educational institution, but also a place of formation. We have appointed honorary doctors for many years, and every year we honour employees and students who have made special efforts. We honour them because they are good examples that we all should be inspired by,” says President Per Holten-Andersen and continues:

“The product, if you will call it that, that we are most proud of at CBS, is our 85,000 alumni. The people who have obtained their degree at CBS and later on put what they have learned to use in business and society. Among them, there are special beacons who we would like to give prominence to in a more systematic manner.”

An impressive career is not enough

It is not enough to have graduated from CBS and made a fine career for oneself. To be considered for the CBS Distinguished Alumni Award, alumni must meet three criteria:

“They must have done well and done something meaningful in their career following their graduation – and this is not something we necessarily measure in size of income or titles. Furthermore, they must – apart from their professional efforts – have contributed noticeably to society. And finally, they must have been involved in and contributed to CBS since their graduation,” explains Per Holten-Andersen.

Role model far beyond the Danish borders

According to President Per Holten-Andersen, Claus Meyer meets the criteria in full and definitely deserves to be named distinguished alumnus:

“Claus has had a remarkable career. He has built not one, but many companies and created many jobs. With food and cooking as his primary platform he has shown a commitment to society and at times to society’s weakest. In addition, he is one of the architects of the world famous New Nordic Kitchen.”

“Finally, is he very much a product of CBS. His working adventure began at CBS, he has stayed involved and engaged through the years, and today he is an adjunct professor here. I do not think you can become a better role model than that.”

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