Three New Electives Announced as a “Minor” in Public-Private Relations


New Minor Education Examining the Management of Public-Private Relations Offered at Copenhagen Business School from Fall 2015. Several students have already signed up for the elective courses but there are still room for more.


Education: Three New Electives Announced as a “Minor” in Public-Private Relations 

The Platform’s - but also society’s - increased focus on public-private relations has resulted in the establishment of a new minor education examining the management of public-private relations offered at Copenhagen Business School from fall 2015. The minor is motivated and developed by the Platform’s Teaching Facilitator Associate Professor Susanne Boch Waldorff, together with the Platform’s Academic Co-Director Carsten Greve and platform member Lene Holm Pedersen.

The minor consist of the three 7.5 ECTS elective courses:

• Partnering and Contracting for Public and Private Action

• Creating Change and Public Value

• The Dynamics of Performance Management

The objective of the minor is to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the predominant challenges in public-private relations, the relevant theories for analysing these challenges, and the competences for managing public-private relations. The minor will also provide students with a fundamental understanding of the political context for creating changes in public service provision and the discussions about how public service can be said to create public ‘value’. A core part of the program is the encounter with real-life cases. The students will be introduced to different organisations and businesses that work with new forms of public-private collaboration. Likewise the minor program has established an agreement about a returning collaboration with the Platform’s strategic partner MindLab. Each semester MindLab will assist CBS with facilitating a session where the students will be given the extraordinary opportunity to try to work as a development unit contributing to ideas and reflections on possible solutions of an actual case.

Watch the three course coordinators tell about the program below or read more about the minor program at CBS’ website.



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