The Significance of Private Security

The book: Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies was key to several interesting discussions in relation to the significance of private security


CBS Public-Private Platform hosted an interesting book launch of the book: Routledge Handbook of Private Security Studies. The editor, Anna Leander, started out by introducing the book and her view on the privatization of security, where after, a roundtable discussion opened up for debate among the participants. Due to their different backgrounds private security were touched upon from various perspectives. One took point of departure in a theoretically view where others were more practically, as their views focused on laws and regulations or military. However, from these different views several interesting questions were raised e.g. who regulates what? Who is affected by private security? What are the core issues of private security? etc. 

These question made it clear that private security is more complex than fist assumed, therefore, it is important to look at private security from more than one perspective.




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