Public-Private Platform researcher interviewed by Børsen Ledelse

In December 2015, the member of the PP Platform cluster Diversity and Difference, Florence Villeséche was interviewed by Børsen Ledelse [Danish daily paper] about diversity/women in leadership in Denmark, and her work on the significance of diversity in boards.


Børsen Ledelse has published two articles focusing on the research Florence Villeséche has done, and here at the PP Platform we are very happy that the work of our researchers are getting noticed and acknowledged in papers such as Børsen Ledelse.

Florence Villeséche is a researcher within the Public-Private Platform cluster Diversity and Difference. Currently, she is focusing her research on the significance of network in relation to how power is divided and shared with others. In her research, she also emphasising what the public can learn by looking and studying boards in a broader network perspective.

It is widely discussed whether or not there are women who are qualified for being executives or board members, which is one of the main reasons why Florence Villeséche has focused her research on the area. Her research has shown that women actually tend to have higher level of education than men and they tend to have a broader network than men, therefore, the area of research has been quite interesting. In the articles, the perspective of equal right is broad to attention in connection with aforementioned tendencies, but as Florence comments: "There are no coherence between the equal rights in a county and the amount women in executive or board positions."

Read the published articles [in Danish] here: “Ny forskning: Kvinders vej til bestyrelsesposter” and ”Forskeren: Ligestilling i privaten skaber ikke automatisk flere topledere

Picture: Florence Villeséche

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