Podcast interview with Liz McFall

PPP member José Ossandón conducts interview with Liz McFall on 'Where do groovy markets come from?'


Podcast interview with Liz McFall


Facilitator of the PPP cluster Markets and Valuation José Ossandón has conducted an interview with Liz McFall on 'Where do groovy markets come from?'

At his website José presents the interview with following description:

Liz McFall (Head of the Department of Sociology at the Open University, one of the editors of the Journal of Cultural Economy and site manager of Charisma-Market Studies) has been crafting a very distinctive approach, in the context of recent SSF, to finance. She doesn’t write about esoteric derivatives but about domestic financial goods such as insurance and consumer lending. Most of her research is based on historical data, not on interviews or participant observation, and her conceptual interest is not calculation, rankings or formulae but charisma. In this conversation, carried out last May in Copenhagen, I use McFall’s last book Devising Consumption. Cultural Economies of Insurance, Credit and Spending as an excuse to make her expand on some of the characteristic features of her work.

Read much more and hear the interview here.

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