New Leadership Collaboratory cluster at the CBS Public-Private Platform

At the CBS Public-Private Platform we are very happy to announce and welcome the establishment of a new cluster entitled Leadership Collaboratory


The Leadership Collaboratory at the CBS Public Private Platform mobilizes a diverse global network to address specific and pressing leadership challenges facing business and society in a focused, problem-driven, and collaborative manner.

The Leadership Collaboratory shares its name with the Public Private Platform’s annual Collaboratory event because the underlying logic is the same - to work in a collaborative and exploratory manner to generate new practical insights and new theoretical perspectives in issues that matter.

In this spirit the Leadership Collaboratory unites CBS and international scholars together with relevant actors, experts, and partners from the public and private sectors to work on real-world problems of significance to business and society. By leveraging energies and resources to address a specific issue from multiple perspectives, the Collaboratory seeks to challenge conventional thinking about leadership and to bend the tools of leadership research and development to the task of effecting change in a specific context while contributing more generally to a global sustainable future.

Over time, by working through multiple iterations of the problem-solution-learning cycle, the CBS Leadership Collaboratory seeks to develop and refine a blueprint for new modes of collaborative mobilization, leadership knowledge production and social innovation that can simultaneously address complex societal and business challenges and generate new ideas, practices, and pathways for leadership theory and research in the form of journal articles, special issues, books, PhD projects, and funding initiatives. Our goal is to make leadership research, theory, teaching, and practice more collaborative, more problem-driven, and more relevant to social and global challenges that matter.

The Leadership Collaboratory is a founding member of the Global Consortium of Leadership Centres, a group of 15 university-based institutes around the world dedicated to making leadership theory and research more relevant to efforts towards social change and societal improvement. The Leadership Collaboratory has a close partnership with the Albert Luthuli Center for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria, and will co-host the Albert Luthuli Center’s conference on “Leadership Challenges That Matter” at the University of Pretoria’s GIBS Business School in Johannesburg in March 2017. The Leadership Collaboratory works closely with the Danish Refugee Council and the Danish Red Cross on how to mobilize leadership scholars and research to address issues of displacement, migration and integration in Denmark and around the world. And the Leadership Collaboratory will host workshops later this year at the Academy of Management and at the International Leadership Association Conference on the intersection between leadership research and refugee and migration issues.

Further, the cluster will be facilitated by Lector Eric Guthey who primary has been focusing his research on issues  closely related to the theme of the cluster e.g. leadership development, organisational development and management.  



After summer, the first start up-meeting will take place, but much more information hereon will follow. If there is an interest in joining the Leadership Collaboratory please contact the CBS Public-Private platform at:

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