New Book on Social Entrepreneurship


Professor MSO, at MPP and PPP member Ester Barinaga has published the book ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Cases and Concepts’


Professor MSO, at MPP and PPP member Ester Barinaga published the book ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Cases and Concepts’ in November 2014.

Based on the author’s experiences of starting up a social venture that uses the collective production of mural art as a tool to change the stigmatised image of the so-called immigrant suburbs, ‘Social Entrepreneurship – Cases and Concepts’ goes beyond given managerial answers. Recognising that social change requires the transformation of large-scale social relations. The series of cases presented in this book introduces sociological concepts and uses them for the design of social initiatives.

Some of the issues the book questions are: When is the right time to start up a social venture? How should it price its first services? What constituencies should be considered when shaping the board? What collaborations should the venture establish? Which scaling-up strategy is most appropriate? How can social impact be assessed? If you ask the author, these are the questions that social entrepreneurs have to answer when aiming for social change. ‘Social Entrepreneurship – Cases and Concepts’ challenges social entrepreneurs, non-profit managers, social workers, community organisers, activists, and artists to think carefully and critically about the social issues addressed through their work. It balances the pragmatism of the entrepreneur with the social pathos of the sociologist.

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