• 13.09.2013

    Hire an academic and boost your SME

    A new initiative matches smaller companies with academics before they have graduated. The first results have shown an increased profit of the companies and new possibilities of creating jobs
  • 12.08.2013

    The Blue MBA awarded accreditation in Denmark

    CBS' Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics has attained accredition by ACE Danmark and can add the Danish recogniton of the education to its exisiting list of international accreditations.
  • 11.07.2013

    More applicants for undergraduate programmes

    The number of applicants for undergraduate programmes at CBS rose by 10% in 2013. Two new programmes in project management and European business have gone like hot cakes and have together attracted one applicant in five.
  • 30.05.2013

    CBS offers new bachelor programme in shipping economics

    CBS Maritime plays an important part in new collaborations with the shipping industry and across universities. A maritime research event at CBS emphasised the need and received a prominent visit by Morten Østergaard, Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education. CBS has just sent an application to the Danish accreditation operator ACE Denmark for the first Danish, academic programme in shipping economics at undergraduate level
  • 14.02.2013

    Students turn patents into business

    Students from CBS and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has formed a partnership to create growth. The students from DTU will invent and be responsible for manufacturing, and the CBS students will develop the business plan