We need more money to ensure better education

- Students from all over the country collect signatures to get the attention of politicians


Students from all over the country collect signatures to get the attention of politicians

Students at many of the Danish universities now join together to get more money for social sciences programmes.

Students from Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University now join the National Union of Students in Denmark. They are going to fight for an increase of the value added funding.

An increase of 25 per cent

The goal is a 25 per cent increase in value added funding, which is the amount of money the educational institutions get per student.

It would mean that the universities would receive funding of DKK 52,600 per student on the social sciences programmes instead of the current DKK 41,600.

- Today, CBS get basically the same amount per student as they do at the Gymnasium. But it is not possible to draw a direct comparison as CBS have greater expenses in connection with each class combined with a research demand, which they do not have at the Gymnasium, says President of CBS Students, Jenskumar Sivagurunathan.

- The social sciences programmes should be at par with the natural science programmes. For example is a difference of more than 60 per cent in the number of classes too much. But to remedy this situation, a more equal distribution of the money is required.

Sign the petition

At CBS, the students have established a campaign office from which they collect signatures, distribute flyers and write debate input. They are also ready to discuss the value added funding scheme with other students.

- Some students may feel that value added funding is a very distant and complex subject. But essentially, it is about getting more classes so we can get world-class education, Jenskumar Sivagurunathan says.

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