SCM and logistics: an attractive career

- New American survey places SCM jobs among the 50 best careers


New American survey places SCM jobs among the 50 best careers

The opportunities for career advancement, high salaries and good prospects are some of the things that make the Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry attractive. Those are the findings of a survey conducted by the American news magazine U.S. News and World Report. But what does it mean to be a supply chain manager? And why is there a particular need for this type of manager at this point in time?

- It is an attractive career because you get to work internationally and engage in international issues that require control, analytical and strategic competences. Good communication and social skills are also necessary to get the supply chain parties to work together, says Professor Britta Gammelgaard, HD SCM Programme Director.

- A supply chain manager's profile is multifaceted but may involve analysing and designing a supply chain strategy, managing a global supply chain, negotiating supplier contracts and making sure that the products reach the consumers – preferably in a financially and environmentally sound manner.

Few students, many jobs

In spite of its ranking as one of the world’s 50 best careers and greater demand for applicants with an SCM background, the corporate sector has not yet experienced a significant increase in job applications.

- As career counsellors at CBS, we have experienced an increasing demand for students with supply chain management background from the consultancy industry, among others. Especially in times of financial crisis, the corporate sector attaches importance to competences in process optimisation and the ability to use tools to improve and streamline the supply chain of the business. Those qualifications, however, are also valued in Danish and foreign businesses in general. At this point in time, there are not that many SCM students, which means that there are not very many different profiles for the businesses to choose from, says Career Counsellor Finn Kjerulff Hansen.

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