New short courses for continuing and postgraduate education

Five new short courses


The courses are:

Rhetoric in modern business context

The goal of the course is to provide an understanding of rhetoric as a discipline and to train the participants’ ability to identify and decode the rhetorical aspects of written and oral language and partly to utilize rhetorical aspects in their own text production.

English grammar and text production

The goal of this course is to continuously integrate an understanding of English grammar into a general linguistic understanding and language production so that the participants not only master the theoretical grammar but can also utilize grammar in practical term.

Technical Translation and Communication

The goal of this course is to provide the participants with theoretical and practical abilities within genre analyses, technical text production and translation as well as collection of information and collation with regard to translation – The course will be in English.

Intercultural Business Communication

The goal of this course is to provide the participants with practical and theoretical abilities within intercultural business communication. The participants will be given a number of tools, that make English language communication easier. The course is in English.

Get familiar with Italy

Get familiar with Italian culture, history and business life. You will get a nuanced picture of the differences between Italian and Danish use of language and an understanding of the different ways of communicating and negotiating in Italy and Denmark.

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