New executive programme: Master of Corporate Performance

- Focus on corporate performance management


Focus on corporate performance management

CBS’s new Master of Corporate Performance (MCP) has achieved accreditation, and the first class will start in January 2011. MCP is a research-based executive programme, which provides the participants with management competences and tools for measuring, managing and improving corporate performance.

The programme is a 2-year part-time programme and is directed at experienced managers, consultants and experts in private, public and voluntary organisations. The target group consists of people that have already a continuing education and solid working experience.

Optimisation of corporate processes and results

Performance Management involves performance measurement and improvement. The MCP graduates will be able to carry out improvements on all levels of the business by means of a well-founded weighing of focus on operation/innovation, effectiveness/job satisfaction, quantity/quality as well as short-term and long-term earnings.

- MCP is about doing the right things right, says Claus Varnes, future MCP programme director.

CBS has received input from private and public organisations regarding the need for such programme. These organisations have actively commented and given the presentations the green light as regards contents and objective.

- Every single executive and business that we have been in contact with highlight that the demand and relevance of performance management – and competences as to how to handle performance – is higher now than before the financial crisis. It looks like the timing could not be better. At least that was the result of a survey conducted by CBS Executive in the autumn of 2009. It showed that the need for MCP is greater today than it was in 2008, when we first started discussing MDP, Claus Varnes adds.

Morning meetings/master classes

The next few months, CBS will host a number of morning meetings and master classes, where researchers will use specific cases to show how to deal with some of the typical management dilemmas, strategies and tools that the MCP programme focuses on. The schedule for these events is soon to be completed, and the events will be open to all.

Contact: Programme Director Lise Balslev, tel.: 3815 2998 – Communications Officer Yvonne Christiansen, tel.: 5141 4198.

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