Joint course in Bangkok Spring 2008

Deadline 10th December 2007


Joint Course spring term 2008

Introduction to Sustainable Production in a Global Context: Cleaner Production, Product Chains, Governance and Local Impacts

February to May 2008 – In Thailand 23.3.-4.4.08

Suppliers: Faculty of Public Health, University of Mahidol, Bangkok. Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and University of Roskilde (RUC).

RUC, TekSam: Associate Professor Jan Andersen (phone: +45 4674 2629, e-mail: and Associate Professor Søren Lund (phone: +45 4674 2569, e-mail:

DTU, IPL / Innovation and Sustainability: Associate Professor Ulrik Jørgensen (phone: +45 4525 6075, e-mail:

Faculty of Public Health: Dr. Siranee Sreesai (phone: +66 245 5211, e-mail:

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