International students choose CBS

- Record-breaking admission numbers are primarily owing to students from other EU countries


Record-breaking admission numbers are primarily owing to students from other EU countries

These days, approximately 3,000 applicants will know if they have been admitted to a graduate programme at CBS. Anne Mette Hou, Head of Admissions Office, says that the number has increased by 500 since last year.

- We have experienced an increase of almost 40 % in the number of applicants having CBS as their 1st priority. It is primarily students from other EU countries who represent this increase, explains Anne Mette Hou.

A part of the explanation is probably that CBS’ brand has been strengthened abroad. Anne Mette Hou also explains that a large part of the applicants have visited CBS as exchange students or know someone who has been an exchange student at CBS.

- It is our impression that it is the teaching and the direct contact between teacher and student that makes them come back to CBS, she says.

Academic excellence programmes extremely popular

Most graduate programmes have open admission, which means that all applicants who meet the admission requirements are admitted.

However, the MSc in Economics and Business Administration programme does not guarantee admission to one particular concentration. The competition for a place in the Finance & Management concentration is very fierce.

One of the few graduate programmes with restricted admission is the new academic excellence programme Elite MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance. 149 applicants fought for 25 study places.

New teaching forms will help solve classroom issues

The extra students present a number of challenges and numerous efforts are made to make the best use of the classrooms.

- Extended teaching hours and optimal use of all our rooms are some of the initiatives taken to meet the challenges. Teaching large classes is going to present the greatest challenge, which is why the faculty has taken the opportunity to assess whether pedagogy and scheduling of the teaching can be altered. It may be an advantage to some courses to change the combination of teaching large classes and carrying out exercises in small groups, says Rie Snekkerup, Head of the Programme Administration.

A new system is also going to facilitate the admission process for the many new students, as a large part of registration now takes place electronically.

The largest increase in applications

The increase in applications goes for all graduate programmes. There are most applicants to the concentrations with core business economics courses. But the top performer is the combined programme MSc in International Business and Politics with 75 % more applicants compared to last year.

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