Increase in the number of applicants: the right choice

The days are over when all master's programme applicants were sure to be accepted onto their first priority


5,190 young people have chosen a CBS master's programme as their 1st priority this year. That is more than a 20% increase compared to last year, but unfortunately it is no longer given that the specific concentration requests can be met, says Head of Secretariat Anne Mette Hou.

- The MSc programmes in Economics and Business Administration are stretched to the limit as is and you cannot be sure of getting accepted onto your favourite concentration, she says.

The right choice is not the same for everybody

She says that the Admissions Office, which is responsible for the admission process, have observed that the students have a tendency to take into account the choices of other students and therefore prioritise the most popular degree programmes.

Anne Mette Hou thinks that it is a shame that some potential students apply for the MSc programme in Economics and Business Administration (Finance and Strategic Management) solely because of its popularity.

- It is very important to choose the right master's programme, and I really like it when I see applicants doing their best to make an informed decision. Open days and conversations with the Student Guidance Service are some of the things that can help them find the right degree programme, she says.

Restricted admission to MSc in Economics and Business Administration programmes

Students entitled to entry into an MSc programme in Economics and Business Administration will all be offered a study place, but not necessarily on a specific concentration, and all other applicants with a directly qualifying bachelor's degree will be offered a place. But it is impossible to say for sure whether that will be the case next year.

When the entry requirements are lowered next year, more students will be qualified and the restricted admission has to be implemented – even for students with a directly qualifying bachelor's degree.

- Many students with a degree in business economics take admission to these programmes for granted, but as of next year it is not at all certain that we will be able to grant their wishes, says Anne Mette Hou.

This year, a fair number of people will not be offered a study place on their preferred concentration.

See the number of applicants

This year, the applicants will get the response from CBS on 15 June, which is almost one month earlier than previous years.

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