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CBS' diploma programmes now offer several types of flexible learning


CBS' diploma programmes now offer several types of flexible learning

Teaching in CBS' diploma programmes has just started. But what to do when every weekday is filled with work, late meetings, family, travelling - and your diploma studies?

It is a well-known dilemma to a lot of people. It can be hard to manage two weekly evening classes when you also have meetings, family birthdays - or maybe you are an expatriate?

A need for flexibility

Both Marketing Management and International Business have come up with a solution that makes studying far more flexible.

Marketing Management has established both evening classes and classes on Saturdays. As teaching is carried out with the same teachers and the same topics within the same week, it is possible to take the other class instead of your usual class, which makes it easier to combine varying working hours and travel activity with your diploma studies.

- We know from experience that many of the students often are abroad and really need flexibility, says Ingrid Amelie Thorn, Group Manager of the diploma programmes.

Take your programme to Dubai

International Business is the only specialisation that offers a virtual possibility of studying, even if you are working in, say, Dubai. Communication, handing in of papers, etc. takes place via the internet.

It is also possible to move to the virtual specialisation if you or your spouse are expatriates.

The two specialisations replace the former diploma programme in Marketing Management and International Trade. The split-up of the specialisation provided an opportunity to design an even stronger profile for the two programmes.

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