Full-time MBA Class of 2007 Graduated

33 participants received their MBA degree..


The annual full time MBA graduation ceremony took place at CBS campus on Saturday, 18 August 2007. 33 participants received the master of business administration (MBA) degree. The MBA diplomas were presented by Professor Christer Karlson, Dean CBS Executive and Professor Majken Schultz, Associate Dean full time MBA Program. The event ended with a reception with family and friends of the graduates. During the evening, a graduation party was held at the Danish Architecture Center for the graduates.

Graduates from the CBS full time MBA Class of 2007

(from the top row and from left to right)

Casey Lee McCollum, American - Pedro João Gonçalves Dias De Pinho, Portuguese - Virat Divyakirti, Indian - Aníbal José Gaspar Damião, Portuguese - Lorenzo Menaldo, Italian - Soumitra Dev Burman, Indian - Thomas Charrière-Bournazel, French - Joaquín Andrés Ronquillo Arrastia, Filipino - Kristján Geir Gunnarsson, Icelandic - Sören Bernhard Bluhm, German - Baldur Snorrason, Icelandic - Michael Vecht, Danish - Georgios Andreas Karayiannis, Cypriot - Holger Michael Weber, German - Asheesh Nigam, Indian - Petri Juhani Hautala, Finland - Manon Kirsten von Lüttichau, Danish - þórdís Hadda Yngvadóttir, Icelandic - Margareta Maria Mahlstedt, Canadian - Cynthia Cheung, Australian - Bibi Boas, Danish - Nicole Cheri Lynch, American - Amy Yu-Ju Huang, Taiwanese - Kyrre Nilsen, Norwegian - Ada Laura Stein, American - Rosa Lei Liu, Chinese - Pallavi Aiyar Panchmatia, Indian - Janki Mahendra Bhate, Indian - Anahit Gorgyan, Armenian - Gilda Sosa López, Costa Rican - Ásthildur Jóhanna Kristjánsdóttir, Icelandic - Minna Elisabeth Dam, Danish – Peter Molbech, Danish

Graduation Speech

The graduation address was delivered by Professor Majken Schultz, Associate Dean Full time MBA. Professor Schultz emphasized that the full time MBA has the most international diversity of participants among all programs at CBS. The full time MBAs represent a truly global community in the midst of Denmark. During the MBA year, the participants have been forced to blend across all those differences and enable them to be global citizens with a profound understanding and respect for cultural differences.

Professor Schultz concluded by explaining that the graduates have a great foundation for building a unique and attractive brand for themselves as CBS Full Time MBAs and more so, to contribute to the global recognition of the CBS MBA. With the MBA at CBS, they have developed a
broader professional mindset than the classic first-generation MBAs. They have reached a level of conceptual depth that enables them to tell the difference between knowledge that is useful to companies and knowledge that is useless. And they have experienced a range of different challenges confronting businesses that they know that there is rarely just the easy text-book solution.

MBA Student of the Year

Lorenzo Menaldo (Italian national) earned the highest GPA in the class and was also elected as the Student of the Year. The award was presented by Jacob Therkelsen, Chairman of the CBS MBA Alumni Society.

Full time MBA Class of 2006 - 2007

The MBA Class of 2006-2007 consists of 43% women and more than 80% international participants. Following an intensive year of studies they are about to pursue careers across various industries in Denmark as well as abroad. The focus on entrepreneurship in the MBA has also inspired a number of participants to pursue their business ventures after graduation. We wish them the best of luck at the start of the new phase of their career and life.

The one-year full time MBA at Copenhagen Business School attracts talented professionals from around the globe to Denmark for an intensive and collaborative learning experience. International in outlook, the foundation of our program is based on Scandinavian thinking. This is characterized by trust, teamwork and respect for the individual. During the MBA, you will get a chance to explore the Scandinavian leadership approach and work with successful executives and professionals as mentors and coaches.

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