Corporate-oriented teaching

- A strategic partnership between CBS and Microsoft


A strategic partnership between CBS and Microsoft

Lately, a partnership between CBS and Microsoft has made it possible for students to get even more specific experience under their belt, when they replace a school day with a working day in a company.

Practical experience with business systems

CBS and Microsoft entered into a strategic partnership on research in 2005, and since then a large number of initiatives have been launched. Among other things, an innovative education programme within business software (the so-called Entreprise Ressource Management systems) has become a reality.

-The corporate sector has long requested students with concrete experience in software systems for essential business processes such as finance, sales and logistics. Obviously, the students will not need extensive training in one individual system, but the new initiative is a part of making the programme even more relevant for them, when they enter the business sector, says Professor Niels Bjørn-Andersen from the Center for Applied Information and Communication Technology (CAICT).

Strengthening relations with the business sector

He sees this partnership as a great opportunity to strengthen relations with the business sector and at the same time equip the students with the competences they need. Having experience with one system makes it so much easier for the students to master other systems, when they start working.

Microsoft is the supplier of the Microsoft® Academic Alliance programme, while researchers from CAICT are in charge of teaching.

The partnership has existed since 2006 and is part of the MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science (cand.merc.(dat.)).

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