Commercial human science graduates in demand in the business world

- More than 80 percent are employed by private companies


More than 80 percent are employed by private companies

Human science graduates holding a business school degree are popular in the business world. A new survey on job opportunities for newly graduated human science students shows that more than 80 percent find jobs in private companies. Six Danish universities, including CBS, are behind the nationwide survey.

According to the survey, every second newly graduated human science student is employed by a private company. The numbers show that there is a need for the human science graduates? qualifications, even outside their traditional fields of employment.

The myth dispelled

-The survey dispels the myth that human science graduates find it difficult to get a job and that most of them become upper secondary school teachers. In recent years, human science graduates have chosen new, alternative paths when seeking employment, and businesses have discovered their capabilities. Furthermore, students and educational institutions have realised the importance of combining foreign languages with other competencies, which is exactly what CBS is offering. For example, students at CBS can combine a foreign language with communication, says Flemming Meier, Senior Advisor of the CBS Learning Lab, who was involved in the survey.

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