Campus life instead of summer life

More than 1000 Danish and foreign students attend Summer University


More than 1000 Danish and foreign students attend Summer University

Even though summer vacation is on the schedule for most students, more than 1000 Danish and foreign students are enrolled at CBS International Summer University Program (ISUP).

Summer University gives students the opportunity to either catch up or just be ahead when their studies are off in September.

Open Scandinavian companies

Maria Velit from Canada is studying an MBA at Stern School of Business in New York, and she is taking the intensive course Topics of Finance.

- I went to Denmark to gain a better understanding of Scandinavian companies. I find it interesting to see companies from another perspective and learn that they have an approach that differs from the one that I am used to. For instance, they are more open and trusting than in many other countries. This course also shows me a lot of great examples of today’s corporate environment.

Apart from participating in social events under the auspices of CBS, Maria has also made new friends, whom she is seeing when she is not in school.

- It is great to meet people from other universities and countries, and the Danish students have taught me a lot about Danish society.

Ahead before the semester begins

Mikael Reynolds, who has just finished the 2nd year of his BSc in International Business, is one of the Danish students, who has chosen to spend his summer vacation at Summer University.

- I have chosen to attend Summer University, both because I was lacking a course and because I wanted to take an extra course to take some of the strain out of the next semester. I think that it is very challenging, and I have learned a lot of other things than I normally would have during the semester. For instance, I really got to grips with how an individual reacts and works with other units and elements in an organisation.

The foreign students are mostly Americans and Germans, but Australia, India and Iceland are also very well represented. Summer University began Friday 27 June and the last examinations are held on 8 August.

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