• 13.04.2015

    Jesper Berg appointed adjunct professor

    The Department of Finance is pleased to announce that managing director at Nykredit Bank Jesper Berg will be appointed adjunct professor of finance at CBS
  • 10.04.2015

    Drop by CBS’ social science lab

    Bring your better half and get a glimpse of the latest research on stock market algorithms or gain insight into the next four waves of growth when CBS opens its doors to the 2015 Festival of Research.
  • 01.04.2015

    CBS in April

    Hear about the success behind Danske Bank’s MobilePay app, get the recipe for leadership that doubles profits from a behavioural expert and columnist for the Harvard Business Review, or identify four potential growth waves with CBS experts.
  • 25.03.2015

    The winners and losers in the Danish groceries trade

    Researchers anticipate that more supermarket chains will close because they fail to challenge the assumption that big shop units are more effective. New CBS report focuses on the Danish groceries trade.
  • 23.03.2015

    Ole Andersen launches collaboration with CBS

    The chair of the board at Danske Bank, Ole Andersen, will share his practical experience with board work at CBS. Newly appointed as adjunct professor, he will hold his inaugural lecture, “Board dynamics and board leadership”, on Thursday 26 March 2015.
  • 23.03.2015

    The Role of Universities in Modern Societies

    According to President Per Holten-Andersen, CBS' role in the present and future Danish society should be as a business university in the framework of a modern Scandinavian democracy and welfare state.
  • 17.03.2015

    CBS confers three honorary doctorates

    On Friday two Professors from Harvard University and a Professor from the University of Leeds will be appointed honorary doctors. Attend their inaugural lectures, also on Friday, and hear about the 'global factory', household finance and nudging.
  • 16.03.2015

    More applications for CBS as 1st priority

    The recently completed quota 2 application round shows that more students are applying for CBS as their 1st priority. Business Administration and Information Systems, Business Administration and Psychology, Business Administration and Commercial Law and the majority of the English-taught programmes have seen a significant increase in applicants. CBS is increasing its intake via quota 2.