• 27.09.2013

    CBS in October

    Check in at CBS in October to experience some of our exciting events. Attend a conference that commemorates the Søren Kierkegaard bicentennial, see the business schools of the future, learn more about Mærsk Line, Coca Colas extremely popular "Share a Coke With" campaign and CBS' largest event, the Career Fair.
  • 25.09.2013

    Social sciences and the humanities will play a large part in Horizon 2020

    As the first Danish university, Copenhagen Business School places focus on Horizon2020, the new EU programme for research and innovation. The aim of the programme is to ensure the global competitiveness of Europe and create jobs and growth. Horizon 2020 works with a budget of DKK 525 billion and runs from 2014-2020
  • 23.09.2013

    Danish companies need to discover the Peruvian market

    A steadily growing economy and a new trade agreement with the EU give Peru a great investment potential. Assistant Professor Jacobo Ramirez says that Danish companies should seize the opportunity of investing more in infrastructure and industrial machinery sales
  • 13.09.2013

    Hire an academic and boost your SME

    A new initiative matches smaller companies with academics before they have graduated. The first results have shown an increased profit of the companies and new possibilities of creating jobs
  • 12.09.2013

    Lasse Heje Pedersen awarded two international prizes

    Lasse Heje Pedersen has just been awarded two international awards: the Banque de France – Toulouse School of Economics Prize (BDF-TSE Prize) for his overall career and the Whitebox Prize for the best financial research in 2013 for his article Time Series Momentum
  • 10.09.2013

    Danish companies can gain ground through technology licenses

    If companies bought rights for other companies' knowledge they could save both time and money. Licensing-in of technologies is widespread among American companies, and they gain huge profits from it. So says Toke Reichstein, Professor at Copenhagen Business School. He encourages Danish companies to follow in the footsteps of the Americans
  • 06.09.2013

    CBS research published in Science

    Aquatic farming is causing new environmental problems - especially in Asia. Recent research of the CBS Sustainability Platform, which has been published in the recognised journal Science, argues whether aquaculture certification is only a part of the solution
  • 04.09.2013

    CBS in September

    In September, two prominent researchers Martin Stopford from Clarksons PLC and Martin Christopher from Cranfield School of Management - will visit CBS. Brian Mikkelsen, former minister, will drop by for CBS Green Week and Per Holten-Andersen, President at CBS and Morten Østergaard, Minister for Science, will participate in the Horizon2020 conference at CBS