Velux Foundation provides millions in funding


Over eleven million in funding from the Velux Foundation will bolster CBS’ research on sustainable entrepreneurs and ethics in the public sector.



Photo: From left the recipients Professor Paul du Gay and Professor Bent Meier Sørensen, Copenhagen Business School.

What opportunities and limitations does sustainable entrepreneurship offer? How can a revived ethics of Office contribute to enhancing the responsible conduct of public officials?

Over the next few years, CBS will have the opportunity to roll out two major research projects addressing these questions. The Velux Foundation has made this possible by donating more than 11 million kroner to two CBS professors.

One of the recipients, Professor Bent Meier Sørensen, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, has received 5.6 million Danish kroner for his project on sustainable entrepreneurship.

- Sustainability will become a natural parameter for business in the future. Our project will help improve understanding of the contradictions and practical challenges green entrepreneurs and companies face when they want to earn a financial profit while simultaneously being environmentally sustainable, he explains.

The research project, which will be launched on May first 2015, involves two postdoctoral positions and one PhD.

Civil service ethics
Professor at the Department of Organization and the academic director of CBS Public Private Platform, Paul du Gay has received 5.5 million kroner for his project on the ethics of office in public service.

He will study the history of the ethics of office holding and the variety of pressing challenges it faces in contemporary public service. The title of the research project is “Office as vocation: Reinstating the ethics of office in public service”.

In particular, Paul du Gay will examine recent and ongoing reforms in the state civil service, healthcare system and the military, exploring how a practically oriented rethinking and redefinition of a traditional ‘ethics of Office’ can contribute to the responsible conduct of governance and indeed to the constitution of a well-functioning civil state.

The research project, which will be launched in October, 2015, involves three postdoctoral positions.

For more information, please contact Professor Bent Meier Sørensen eller Professor Paul du Gay.

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