Looking for MBA and PhD students?


In order to connect companies and talent at CBS better, we have appointed a Careers Manager specifically for MBA and PhD students.


It has to be easy to navigate around CBS’ top students. Claire Hewitson is our new Careers Manager, who will be responsible for relations and recruitment specifically for the MBA and PhD students at Copenhagen Business School.

If your organisation is interested in these talented students, we would be happy to set up a meeting with Claire Hewitson, where you can discuss opportunities and how to connect with them. Claire Hewitson is a previous Career Coach at London Business School.

Skills of the MBAs and PhDs
According to the new Careers Manager, the MBA class is a talented group of international students who have many years of work experience from a variety of backgrounds. The MBA prepares them to manage, lead and transform businesses and make a difference in the organisations they enter after graduation.

The PhD students are qualified for specialist roles in the commercial sector. They have excellent analytical, methodological skills, critical judgment and the ability to engage in specialised professional work, says Claire Hewitson.

Give the Careers Manager a call if you need to find the right talent for your organisation at all levels from a recent graduate to a more experienced employee.

Claire Hewitson is situated close to the MBA and PhD students. Contact her at + 45 3815 6024, mail: che.ino@cbs.dk







































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