Is the Danish language in decay?


Ruben Schachtenhaufen, PhD Student at the Department of International Business Communication, is one of the winners of this year’s Danish PhD Cup


By: Carina Abildgaard Frank

The PhD Cup       
The eight winners of this year’s Danish PhD Cup were announced 9 May. As in 2013, CBS is also represented among the winners this year. This time, it is Ruben Schachtenhaufen and his dissemination of his thesis: Fonetisk reduktion i dansk (phonetic reduction in the Danish language).

The PhD Cup is an annual event and is a collaboration between the Danish newspaper Information, Universities Denmark, Radio Denmark and the Lundbeck Foundation. Every year, eight winners are announced within natural science, social science, health science and the humanities, and the prestigious title is given to the best communicators of their final thesis.

The winner thesis is written by Ruben Schachtenhaufen at the Department for International Business Communication (IBC) at CBS. IBC has a research focus on professional communication in organisations including the linguistic, cultural and communication technical problems relating to this.

Is the Danish Language in decay?
The Danish language is developing rapidly these years, but where is it going? And do danes need to tighten up or relax in line with this development? There are many questions, and with his research on variations and reductions in the Danish language, Ruben Schachtenhaufen has tried to make us all more aware of how our mother tongue is developing. It is in fact the dissemination of his PhD thesis that today has rewarded Ruben Schachtenhaufen and IBC – for the best dissemination of a PhD thesis within the humanities.

The PhD Cup Live
The eight winners have already been announced, but the competition does not end here.
On 25 May, the event PhD Cup Live will be held at the DR Concert Hall. This evening, the eight winners will each get three minutes to convince a jury that their live dissemination is the best this year. Several prominent guests will be present this evening, among these are Sofie Carsten Nielsen, the Danish Minister for Education and Research. The event will be broadcasted on DR2.

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