CBS Maritime Addresses Big Questions in Environmental Shipping Regulation

On 3 November, CBS Maritime researchers participated in an event hosted by the Danish Shipowners’ Association and CONCITO concerning the future CO2 regulation in the maritime sector. The event confirmed the importance and relevance of the research effort CBS Maritime has made over the past years on analyzing and understanding international maritime regulation and maritime affairs.


The Danish Shipowner’s Association presented its bid on a climate policy for the shipping industry, at a conference attended by CBS Maritime researchers Carsten Ørts Hansen (Head of Department) and Christian Hendriksen (PhD Fellow), alongside Danish industry participants, public institutions/agencies, and environmental NGO’s. Two keynote speeches were given by Anne Steffensen, Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association and Lars Christian Lilleholt, Danish Minister for Energy-, Supply-, and Climate Affairs, followed by a panel debate.

The focus of the panel debate was the role the new CO2 regulations will play and which position Denmark should take on the matter. An important point of discussion was whether Denmark should support regional regulation, as a potential stepping-stone to global regulation.

- It was great to hear that everyone at the conference agreed that shipping should contribute its fair share to the CO2 reduction. The question then is how do we regulate to make this happen? This is one of the areas CBS Maritime specializes in and we are therefore able to contribute with knowledge on how the different firms can influence international regulation, says Christian Hendriksen.

Another important aspect from the discussion that was of particular interest to CBS Maritime was the notion that shipping should try not to be on the wrong side of history.

- This proves that the timing of our work is extremely relevant. During the next few years, we will use our research and knowledge to help solve this big puzzle within the shipping industry. We will be able to speak up and say that we have the toolbox to change history, says Carsten Ørts Hansen.

The inputs from important maritime representatives at the event confirmed that the knowledge produced at CBS Maritime is very relevant and something that can have direct influence on the industry and, perhaps more importantly, on society as a whole.

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