Dr. Richard Gyrd-Jones appointed Docent in Brand Management at Oulu Business School


Richard Gyrd-Jones has been appointed Docent in Brand Mangement at Oulu Business School, Finland. On the 4th February he gave his Docent lecture on the subject of “Brand Management: Towards a Nordic School.” This was a presentation of his thoughts of how a Nordic School of Brand Management could contribute to the creation of a theoretical foundation for brand management literature, which is often criticised for being atheoretical (Brodie & De Chernatony, 2009; Kornberger, 2010). The appointment to Docent is an honorary title which will strengthen research ties between CBS and Oulu Business School. Oulu, as a former site of Nokia, is know for the high number of SMEs within the technology sector; Oulu business School is internationally recognised for its research in this area. The appointment also cements existing research ties between the Marketing departments at both institutions and the within the Brand Meaning Network .

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