CBS hosted book launch for International Handbook on Public-Private Partnerships

CBS hosted book launch for International Handbook on Public-Private Partnerships edited by Graeme Hodge, Carsten Greve and Anthony Boardman


CBS hosted book launch for International Handbook on Public-Private Partnerships edited by Graeme Hodge, Carsten Greve and Anthony Boardman at CBS the 11th of October 2011.


Introduction by Professor Carsten Greve, Academic Director CBS Public-Private Platform.

Short presentations by

• Graeme Hodge, Professor and Director of Monash Centre for regulatory Studies, Monash University, Australia, on: “Reviewing public-private partnerships: some thoughts on evaluation”

• Anthony Boardman, Professor of Business Administration from Sauder Business School, University of British Columbia, Canada, on: “Assessing the economic worth of public-private partnerships”


You can purchase the book here.




Contributors: A.E. Boardman, T. Bovaird, B. Bull, J.-E. de Bettignies, C.F. Duffield, C. Figueira, M. Flinders, G. Georgiou, C. Greve, G. Hammerschmid, D. Heald, M. Hellowell, G.A. Hodge, E.-H. Klijn, R.S. Monteiro, U. Mörth, P. Noumba-Um, D. Parker, A. Pessoa, T.W. Ross, J. Shaoul, C. Skelcher, C.D. Tvarnø, A.R. Vining, G. Weihe, R. Wettenhall, T. Ysa

Further information ‘. . . the Handbook informs, engages, questions, criticises and educates.’

– Business Line

‘As politicians across the world have loudly debated how best to shrink the size of government, clever entrepreneurs have pushed off in a very different direction: creating complex partnerships between government and the private sector, which have pushed government more deeply into the private sector and pulled private partnerships more deeply into the core of government. In this important new book, the editors have pulled together a fascinating collection of papers that examines how these partnerships are transforming the provision of services and, in fact, the very nature of governance itself.’

– Donald F. Kettl, University of Maryland, US

‘Public–private partnerships are a familiar subject, but this volume makes it clear just how much interesting research is being done on the topic at present. This is an extremely useful collection of papers that will be essential reading for anyone interested in partnerships and public policy more generally.’

– B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, US


‘“Partnership” is a widely-used and confusing term in public management. This book pilots the reader expertly through the diverse ambitions for PPPs, and the contexts in which they have been used. It draws on the first-hand experience of politicians and managers in steering partnerships, combined with solid research and observation. A particular strength is the recognition of how PPPs are understood in various national settings, and the scope for international policy learning. The contributors write in a style which is both authoritative and accessible to students, policy-makers and professionals seeking to understand the complexities of partnership working.’

– Francis Terry, London School of Economics, UK

Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) promise much and present an exciting policy option. Yet as this Handbook reveals there is still much debate about the meaning of partnership, and the degree to which potential advantages are in fact being delivered. In this timely Handbook, leading scholars from around the world explore the challenges presented by infrastructure PPPs, and contemplate what lies ahead as governments balance the need to provide innovative new infrastructure against the requirement for good public governance.

This essential Handbook will prove an invaluable reference work for academics, advanced post-graduate students and commentators of PPPs, as well as professionals, infrastructure regulators and government policy advisors.


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