Collaboration with Holland and Italy about entrepreneurship summer programme


As part of a strategic collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and the best technical universities in Italy and Holland from 2014, CBS offers an intensive summer programme in entrepreneurship and sustainable energy


Clever students with an interest in entrepreneurship and renewable energy should be on the lookout for a new summer programme that provides insight into how promising start-ups are funded and lucrative alliances are created across European borders.

Boosts entrepreneurship
The CBS Entrepreneurship Platform was invited to develop the contents of the summer programme, which will start in July 2014 in Italy at Politecnico de Milano. In 2015, the plan is that the teaching activities will be held in Denmark or Delft University of Technology in Holland. Serden Ozcan, Associate Professor and Academic Director of the platform, has developed the contents and is one of several CBS lecturers in the programme who are specialised in entrepreneurship:
- We were invited to participate because CBS research-wise is one of the strongest business schools in Europe when it comes to entrepreneurship. We are also a great teamplayer and we know how to teach students with different entrepreneurship skills. This is exemplified by the BBIP programme (BioBusiness and Innovation Program), which is a joint venture between the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark, and us, says Serden Ozcan.

Support from the European Commission
The European has funded this project. Among other things, the participants are taught in business model innovation in the energy sector, how companies can cooperate with universities in Europe, EU funding of start-ups in renewable energy. They will also visit a science park in Italy.

-    The aim of this collaboration is to join academic competences, but also between Denmark, Holland and Italy to create new collaborations. We are a small country in the EU. There is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to finding money for entrepreneurship and research projects within renewable energy through European collaborations, says Serden Ozcan.

The application deadline for the summer programme is in the autumn of 2013.  There are 10 seats for CBS students and 10 for students at the Technical University of Denmark. According to Serden Ozcan, the CBS students must be in an MSc programme, have good grades and a keen interest in the combination of entrepreneurship and renewable energy.

For more information, please contact Serden Ozcan, Academic Director for the CBS Entrepreneurship Platform, email

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