Public-private partnerships in infrastructure in the Netherlands: Relational aspects and recent experiences

On 29th May, 2017 the CBS Public-Private initiative and its cluster on Mixed modes of infstructure governance has the pleasure of hosting a seminar presentation by visiting PhD candidate Rianne Warsen, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Monday, May 29, 2017 - 10:00 to 11:30

Public-private partnerships in infrastructure in the Netherlands: Relational aspects and recent experiences

Seminar presentation by visiting PhD candidate Rianne Warsen, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Over the past ten years a few dozens of public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been realized in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that these projects are based on elaborate contracts – following the British Private Finance Initiative model – both public and private partners in Dutch PPP projects search for collaborative relationships with each other that go beyond the contract. Their intention to establish trust relationships is in line with some of our recent research, which will be presented during the seminar. The results of this paper indicate that trust and management are pivotal in PPP performance. In this seminar, we will furthermore touch upon the question: what do we mean by good relationships and what relational aspects are important in explaining ‘good relationships?’ Besides offering a more academic perspective – by presenting some first results of a literature review into relational quality in PPP – we get a glimpse of how Dutch PPP practitioners understand PPPs.

As infrastructure governance is on the agenda in Denmark, it is a unique opportunity to get update on what is going on in the Netherlands – a country that Denmark is often compared with.

The seminar is based on two papers which are available on request

Rianne Warsen is visting IOA as a PhD Candidate. She is part of the research group on PPPs from the Netherlands where her supervisors are Erik-Hans Klijn and Joop Koppenjan who are well-known for their work on governance networks. The larger research project is called Governance for Smartening PPP projects. See more about the project here.

The seminar will be introduced by Professor Carsten Greve from the Department of Organization and the discussion will be moderated by Professor Christina D. Tvarnø from the Department of Law, both part of the academic director-team of the “CBS Public Private” initiative. 




Please sign-up for the seminar by mail to CBS Public-Private before 24 may, 2017.   


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