Aspects of ’Impact’ – an introduction to the ’impact’ agenda for Ph.D. scholars and early career researchers

On may 25, 2016 the CBS Public-Private Platform hosts a workshop focusing on today's requirements for a academic career.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 10:00 to 12:00

Forging an academic career today requires the acquisition of a range of skills in research, teaching, and routine management/administration, for instance. In recent years, another capacity has come to the fore, that associated with ‘impact’ and the proven ability to relate one’s work to ‘real world issues’ or contemporary societal challenges. This Workshop will address the place of the ‘Impact agenda’ in contemporary academic life and indicate ways of addressing its demands in relation to your research work. The workshop is convened by Paul du Gay, Professor  and Academic Director of the  CBS Public-Private Platform  and  Laura Spence, Professor of Business Ethics and Director of Research Impact, School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London.  In particular, the Workshop will indicate ways in which the impact imperative can be addressed creatively and critically by researchers in Organization Studies.

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10.00-10.10: Welcome and Introductions by Paul du Gay
10.10-11.00: What is ‘Research Impact’? The ‘Impact’ Agenda as policy (Paul du Gay & Laura Spence)
                   The Impact Agenda and your research
                   Building Engagement into your research
11.00-11.15: Tea & Coffee
11.15-12.00: Visibility, Communication, Dissemination (Paul du Gay & Laura Spence)
                   Developing a Plan

                   Concluding thoughts and questions

Only 20 seats are available, and you can register at

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