The Dual Role of Retailers and Digital Platforms in Marketing Channels CANCELLED

Academic Conference

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 09:00 to 10:30
Retailers hold a dial role in the marketing channel. Retailers have increasingly gained a position as channel leaders, and through the year-long evolution of private labels, retailers have become both customers and competitors to national brand providers.
The purpose of the symposium is to debate the competition between private labels and national branded goods in the context of retailers' dual role in the marketing channel and digital platforms and discuss business implications for private label and national brand manufacturers.
Themes of the conference are:
  • Dual role of retailers
  • Private labels and branded goods as competing business models
  • Private labels and branded goods role in innovation
  • In-store competition between private labels and branded goods
  • Retailers' role and business models in the digital age
  • The conference will consist of presentations from leading researchers from business and competition law, as well as leading business practitioners - among others Associate Professor Mogens Bjerre and Associate Professor Jesper Clement from the Department of Marketing

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