Digitization and Automation in the Maritime Supply Chain

This TINV/CBS Maritime conference addresses important challenges and opportunities for companies in the maritime industry, with a focus on the transition from manned to autonomous ships.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 08:30 to 15:15

Digitization and automation has recently become a hot topic among companies and organizations in the global maritime supply chain. Discussions center around such different notions as autonomous ships, fully automated ports, digitized shipping information and documentation, automatic monitoring of vessels and equipment, and more. The fully autonomous ship can be considered a possible and realistic solution for the international transportation of goods in the near future, which raises questions about time horizon and transition, as well as the business models and management systems needed to accommodate the changes, and the risk and reward distribution, allocation of responsibility, cyber security, and laws and regulation.

This TINV conference aims to shed light on important issues and challenges in the transition from manned to autonomous ships. The speakers are maritime researchers, industry participants from various parts of the global maritime supply chain, and representatives from different industry associations.

- Digitization and automation in shipping, ports and other parts of the global maritime supply chain are current buzzwords, and there is some hype, however the challenges and opportunities are real. We must come to grips with the new realities as digitization has severely transformative potential in a conservative industry. There are differing viewpoints regarding the speed and scale in the development of realistic and financially viable digital solutions, and the underlying challenges and business opportunities, and there is conceptual ambiguity: what are we actually talking about, when we talk about digitization and automation in the maritime supply chain? This conference is a welcome opportunity to discuss these challenges and identify the areas where we need to direct the efforts of research and innovation, says Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director of CBS Maritime.

The conference is divided into three sessions:
Autonomous ships and ports examines the extent and directions of automation of ships and ports: How far are we? What areas and functions will be digitalized? What challenges may arise? And what implications will the development have for the business models of the future?

Digitization in the maritime supply chain looks at the implications for voyage planning and ship management, claims and realities of digitization in relation to documentary paperwork, and the legal challenges.

Challenges and opportunities for digitization and automation in the transition from manned to autonomous ships. A panel debate with experts from different parts of the maritime supply chain.

Confirmed speakers:
Peter Sand (BIMCO), Mogens Blanke (DTU), Aaron Heuermann (BIBA), Mads Friis Sørensen (DMA), Hans-Joachim Schramm (WU and CBS), and Christian Benedictsen-Nislev (NJORD).

Experts in the panel debate include:
Niels Bruus (Mærsk Line),  Bjarke Holm Hansen (CORE Law Firm), Peter Sand (BIMCO), Mogens Blanke (DTU), Aaron Heuermann (BIBA), Mads Friis Sørensen (DMA), Hans-Joachim Schramm (WU and CBS), Christian Benedictsen-Nislev (NJORD).

Please register with your name, email, position, and organization by 26 May 2017 via the TINV webpage.
The conference is free of charge.
Please note that a no-show fee of 450 DKK will be added if you do not cancel at least 24 hours before the conference.
The number of seats is limited to 100 and registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Date & Venue:
31 May 2017, 8.30am – 15.15pm.
Kilen CBS, room Ks43, Kilevej 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg.

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