Research that makes a difference

CBS is defined by the breadth of its research, which spans from Sociology, Political Science, IT Management, Language & Culture and Communication to classical business school fields such as Finance and Accounting & Auditing. Here we present a few examples of socially relevant research with insights and analytical approaches that affect the mindset and practices of businesses and society.

Forsideslider forskning forandrer UK

“We’ve created a platform to seriously discuss the annual report and its regulation”
Thomas riise
“Danish businesses are struggling with the fact that most large global players no longer base their HR strategies on their gut feeling”
Dana Minbaeva
“We developed a way for local authorities to organise and innovate welfare based on the individual”
Justine Groenbaek
“Businesses only need a payment method for CEOs that can withstand the public eye and is aligned with the shareholders”
Ken Bechmann
“The conditions for creating welfare have changed for nation states”
Ove Kaj
“We’ve changed the attitude that the fairer you are the less you sell”
Viktor Smith
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