Louise Thomsen in Berlingske: CBS joins the climate fight

Louise Thomsen contributed in an article in Berlingske Tidende about how CBS has joint the climate fight and taken more sustainable initiatives.


Louise Thomsen, centre manager at CBS Sustainability and project manager at VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability, contributed in an article in Berlingske Tidende the 19thJanuary about the sustainable initiatives taken at CBS and especifically the decision about vegetarian food policy at the Department of Management, Society and Communication.

In the article, Louise talks about the increasing and new demand from students to study at a green university: “We are experiencing increasing expectations from students that they want to go to a sustainable university. The tendency is that they are purpose-driven. They want a purpose for what they read and later use the full working life.” 

According to Louise, is there, among colleagues and students at CBS, great interest for the UN’s global goals for a more sustainable world. 

“I have just had a meeting with two master's students who want to write a thesis on how to implement the global goals at universities. I haven't experienced that before,” says Louise Thomsen.


Flight or train?

Further, Louise talks about CBS’s biggest climate syndrome which is the many flights that researchers and employees make for e.g. conferences abroad. 

“We need to see how we can avoid flying for just a single meeting and then have an effective conference system online instead,” Louise says, who also believes that plastic water bottles also live on borrowed time at CBS: 
“We work on many solutions down to meeting level. There is no need for plastic water bottles. Water in jugs works fine.”

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