CBS PRME and Student & Innovation House launch The Sustainability Influencers Programme

Student & Innovation House and CBS PRME have launched a one-year student engagement programme, aiming to increase awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and empower students to take action for sustainability.



It is time to act!

August 14, the CBS PRME office and Student & Innovation House launched a new collaboration: the Sustainability Influencers Programme. The ambition with the programme is to bring a young voice into the sustainability debate and make all higher education students in Denmark not only aware of the importance of the Global Goals but also to enable them to take active ownership and make a positive impact.

Why an Sustainability Influencers Programme?

Three years ago, when the UN launched the SDGs, they created a common language for reacting to the global challenges which not only involved businesses and governments but also students and the society in general. An important parameter in the achievement of this 2030-agenda is related to student engagement and the responsibility of educational institutions. A responsibility CBS PRME and Student & Innovation House take very seriously.

What is the Sustainability Influencers Programme about?

The Sustainability Influencer Programme is a one-year volunteering programme for students that actively want to empower other young students to act more sustainable. With the programme, Student & Innovation House and CBS PRME will focus on the personal development of young students who want to become change agents at their own university. At the same time, the programme will create a unique space for breaking down silos and fostering co-creation, innovation and collaboration between multiple disciplines. An opportunity that exists because the programme is for all higher education students and not only CBS students.

Practically, the Sustainability Influencer will become part of a larger team called Sustainability Influencers and work with like-minded, passionate and proactive students and professionals. Besides the interaction with other students and professionals, the advocates will participate in workshops, events, and get access to key sustainability practitioners and the possibility of expanding their network. In this way, the students will actively take part in the sustainability debate and bring in a young voice on topics such as curriculum and teaching development. To ensure the broadest possible surface of contact, the programme is supported by key strategic partners such as UN Global Compact Denmark, Impactful Jobs, and Sustainbase.

If you want to apply for the programme or follow our team of passionate Sustainability Influencers, please visit:

For inquiries about the Sustainability Influencers Programme, please contact Louise Thomsen at


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