Video: Cyberwar in Ukraine and critical infrastructure protection: what NIS2 will mean for you

The current war in Ukraine is also a cyberwar. Only, the continuous cyberwarfare is overshadowed by the spectacular military news and atrocities, says expert in cybersecurity and Assistant Professor at CBS, Jan Lemnitzer.


What is happening in Ukraine highlights the crucial role cyberattacks on critical and government infrastructure play in modern conflicts and will continue to play in the future. It also reveals why we need to prepare and build cyber defences of our critical infrastructure today.

Much of our critical infrastructure is run by private companies who have a huge responsibility for defending their networks. Very soon, the EU will present the NIS 2 Directive setting out extensive new cybersecurity requirements for these companies and their business partners.

Watch the video below where Jan Lemnitzer explains why NIS 2 may cause real problems for many companies in Denmark and elsewhere in the EU.

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