Lifelong Learning

With Lifelong Learning we redefine lifelong learning with a focus on employability, personal development, and active citizenship. Our goal is that students continues to update their knowledge and skills, and engages in social and organisational innovation, that shapes the future of sustainable and democratic societies.

CBS Kontinuum

Today’s students have an expected, fast-changing working life of 60 years. It imposes challenges requiring adaptive change and transformational learnings to deal with changing job markets and a knowledge economy in continuous development. Because of this, they must continue learning throughout their lifetime – from the first day at CBS to the last working day.

With Lifelong Learning we redefine lifelong learning. Our goal is that every student enters a lifelong relationship with CBS to update knowledge and skills in various ways. But also, to engage in social and organisational innovation with the purpose of leverage their public responsibilities to respond to social challenges and to shape the future of sustainable and democratic societies.

Lifelong learning at CBS combines a focus on three elements: employability, personal development and active citizenship. Through our dynamic and multifaceted learning community, we strive to educate and empower new generations of learners with the skills needed to balance economic and sustainability objectives – meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and at the same time delivering a fairer and more equitable society.

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