Networks and projects

The Inequality Platform brings together researchers from five CBS departments as well as a variety of stakeholders from the worlds of business, government, and international organisations.

The Platform is:

  • Developing an Inequality-agenda at CBS in research, education and dissemination.
  • Initializing and building up a cross-disciplinary Inequality research environment at CBS plus academic affiliates and external stakeholders.
  • Founding a strong international academic network developed through academic co-production e.g. at institutions like London School of Economics (LSE), a series of visiting fellows to CBS, including stellar researchers like Richard Blundell.
  • Disseminating in media and public e.g. with a launch event featuring Nobel-level economist Richard Blundell and artist Charlotte Haslund, Forskningens Døgn with inequality fellow Mark Stabile, EU Parliament Election Debate in co-operation with CBS Students, Folkemøde-co-operation on inequality in populism with DIPD and in health with Kraks Fond, as a regular contributor to the OECD Forum and its blog, co-operation on workshops on e.g. inequality in urban planning and climate changes. Features in Danish newspapers and regular media performance.
  • Co-operating with DIPD, Oxfam, Danish Industry and Globalt Fokus, Kraks Fond and OECD.
  • Advised by external steering committee members from DI and Oxfam/IBIS.


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