Podcast: The Transformative Business School – A webinar series

What does it mean to be a truly transformational business school? Listen to our webinar podcast, where we engages colleagues from different departments and units in order to explore this complex question.


On June 16 we launched our new webinar series The Transformative Business School, and invited researchers and colleagues to discuss what transformation means for various focus areas. By adopting a curious, critical and visionary manner, we discussed what kind of transformations that are needed and how to realize them.

Different topics related to transformation where introduced by our keynote speakers:

"CBS continues to work in silos. How do we transform across those lines and start our interdisciplinary journey?" - Maria Figueroa, MSC

"What are the organizational changes needed to become an actual transformative business school?" - Andreas Wieland, OM

"Sustainable transformation as talk and action: How to imagine it and work towards it, and the barriers in the way." - Steen Vallentin, MSC

"How do we leverage our strengths to contribute to the necessary societal changes (e.g. climate change, pandemic)?" - Nikolaj Malchow-Møller

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