Leadership in new business models

Acceleration of technology, new demand patterns and value chains challenge traditional businesses and give rise to new business models with new structures and value streams. CBS Leadership puts a spotlight on leadership dynamics in this new context. Our focus is on two areas where the importance of new insights on leadership is particularly critical and potentially rewarding: Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.



Leadership in times of digitalisation

Digital and other technological developments have great influence on business processes and societal transformation. CBS is addressing these implications on the Digital Transformation platform that explores issues such as organisational transformations in the digital age, transformations of business models, technology and socio-economic transformations, knowledge production and digital transformations and digital transformations in media and communications.

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Learn more about the CBS platform for digital transformation knowledge and learnings here

Leadership of entrepreneurship and innovation

Does Innovation and entrepreneurship demand special leadership skills? How do you lead entrepreneurs? How do you lead for innovation? How do you lead the journey from start-up to a mature company? This is part of the research in leadership of entrepreneurship and innovation at CBS.

Links to CBS research will follow soon! 

If you're interested in incubators and accelerator programmes, take a look at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) – the entrepreneurship centre at CBS with a hands-on approach on how to succeed as an entrepreneur.


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