Successful CBS International Women’s Day

8 March was the proud day of CBS International Women’s Day with the theme,Translating Research into Practice: Interrupting Biases to Promote Diversity. The event was organized by the CBS Diversity and Difference Platform.


From an inspiring opening speech from CBS' acting President, Inger Askehave, the programme evolved into an inspiring dialogue between researchers and business practitioners about bias and diversity in organisations – of course with the clear aim to propel understanding and change!
The participants took back inspiration and new knowledge from this hybrid event, and the ones at CBS were lucky enough to network afterwards at the reception - with a bubbly background of Aviaja’s DJ-set.

If you are curious to know more, we now share the presentations of the day below, just as you can download the special issue of the research journal on unconscious bias that was at the core of the event here for free.
If you are interested in knowing more about CBS' research on diversity, we invite you to sign up for the newsletter of the cross disciplinary research initiative, the CBS Diversity and Difference Platform here

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