CBS Diversity Day 2019: Diversity Drives Innovation

Please join us for this year's CBS Diversity Day with the theme Diversity Drives Innovation

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 11:00 to 18:00

Diversity Day 2019

Solbjerg Plads
Room SPs08 / Nexus café / SP foyer

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A changing world of innovation
The homogeneity, the sweeping segmentations and the one-size-fits-all solutions which once brought useful economies and easy generalizations are relegated to the dustbin by societies of multifaceted identities, the demand for individual solutions and the need to rapidly respond to the groundswell of social media. We live in an age with a growing realization that many of the old ways did harm to individuals, to society and to the ecosystem so we demand new ethical and sustainable solutions … and we demand them now. Innovation is therefore called for at an unprecedented pace and scale, opening in its wake new broad avenues for entrepreneurship, start-ups and disruption.

Diversity to keep on innovating
Keeping up with the pace and scale of innovation calls for a supply of multiple new perspectives on how to develop communities, establish businesses, conceive products or services and cater for a growing range of stakeholders. In all types of organisations, from shop-floor to top management, we see increased engagement with diversity in people, teams, and organisations, as well as with diversity as a key variable in organizing innovation. Diversity is approached as a key driver of innovation; yet we still need to find the key to unlock its full potential.

Moving innovation together
At CBS Diversity Day 2019, we will engage with diversity and innovation with scholars, practitioners, students, and a diverse audience and address questions such as what is the link between diversity and innovation? How to manage diversity for innovation? How can entrepreneurs leverage diversity for innovation? What does diversity look, taste and sound like in innovation? We look forward to welcoming you to this forward-looking and inclusive day.

Masters of Ceremonies:
Alex Klinge
Associate Professor and Equal Opportunities Officer, CBS
Florence Villesèche
Associate Professor and Academic Director of the Diversity and Difference Platform, CBS

Room SPs08
11.00-11.15: Words of Welcome
CBS President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller

11:15-12:45: Diversity for innovation from research to practice

  • The effects of Workforce Diversity on Firm-level Innovation and Performance Dario Pozzoli, Associate Professor, CBS
  • Managing diversity as a driver of innovation Florence Villeseche, Associate Professor, CBS
  • Opportunities for all Susanne Leire, Senior HR Partner, Salling Group
  • Panel discussion Moderated by Alex Klinge, Equal Opportunities Officer, CBS

SP foyer
12.45-13.30: Lunch break Lunch wraps and water

Room SPs08
13.30-15.00: Including Diversity in Entrepreneurship

  • Britta Ravn Bjerglund, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE)
  • Natasja Bjørklund and Sophie Bech, RISE programme - more women entrepreneurs - how to?
  • Jenifer Clausell Tormos, Develop Diverse - Creating inclusive workplaces through inclusive language
  • Liva Echwald-Tijsen - Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Denmark - What to do? What not to do?

SP foyer
15.00-15.30: Coffee break

Nexus Café
15.30-16.15: The Sound of Diversity – a thousand tongues By Nini Julia Bang - singer, performer and composer

Nexus Café
16.30-17.00: The Taste of Diversity – Culinary Collaborations Nima Sophia Tisdall and Zaki Abarra, Copenhagen Refugee Food Festival

SP foyer
17.00-18.00: Diversity Drives Innovation Reception Catered by chef Zaki Abarra

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