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Innovative research on digital transformations as inspiration and contribution
The platform mission is to bring together CBS researchers and external partners from public and private sectors in order to understand and leverage digital transformations. The Digital Transformations Platform pursues innovative and high-quality initiatives in research and seeks to make a visible CBS contribution in current public debates on these matters. Through seed funding and other forms of support, the platform strengthens and cross-fertilize existing and new research on digital transformations at CBS. The Digital Transformations platform supports interdisciplinary research collaborations among researchers at CBS and other Danish universities. Indicative research topics involve organizational transformations, digital business models, socio-economic developments, knowledge production and issues related to media and communications. Funding applications and research publications in top academic outlets are priorities in our efforts.

The possibilities for strengthening research give new momentum to work on digital transformations, which are increasingly becoming a key organizational, political and societal concern. Also, the platform provides guidance and inspiration for all kinds of organizations, professionals and students wishing to become better equipped to navigate new digital terrains. Finally, the platform increases the visibility and standing of CBS as an innovative and important research institution and hub for work on digital transformations. By creating a home for such efforts, the platform paves the way for novel research and funding activities.

Members of the Digital Transformations platform engage in a wide range of activities in the public domain. At conferences, in newspaper columns and through advisory work, the platform offers research-based insights and other contributions to contemporary attempts to shape digital transformations in the public and private sector.

Feel free to contact the Academic Directors or secretariat with inquiries relating to digital transformations.

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