Future news media - CBS in ambitious new project

CBS' Mikkel Flyverbom is one of the leading researchers in a new project combining news media and artificial intelligence, Platform Intelligence in News (PIN). The project is a collaboration between the Danish mediahouse JP/Politikens Hus and several Danish universities, million funded largely by the Innovation Fund Denmark.


The aim of the project is to create more engaging, more relevant and informing news media by the help of artificial intelligence.

The project is based on a collaboration between researchers at DTU, Copenhagen University and Copenhagen Business School and on anonymized data from the Danish newspapers Ekstra Bladet, Politiken and Jyllandsposten and it aims at developing better systems for personalization of news. The name of the project is Platform Intelligence in News (PIN) and it is co-funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark and Politikens Hus by 17 mio.dkk.

Systems personalizing content via artificial intelligence have been crucial to services as Netflix, Spotify, Google and Amazon. In news media, however, the systems have not had the same effect, because of the rapid speed in news and the Danish language challenges the existing technologies.

Kasper Lindskow, Head of Research and Innovation at Ekstra Bladet and of the PIN-project:
- With PIN we create a a direct link between the development of intelligent systems based on cutting edge research to the implementation of new technologies here in our media house. This type of experimental projects also based on collaboration with universities will help us take the newxt impotant steps into a future where artificial intelligence will be playing a still more important role.

The project encompasses use of machine learning in the technical development of recommender systems and language systems classifying and generating text via Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP means technologies making computers able to 'understand' and process what is going on in a conversation or a news article.

Jes Frellsen, Associate Professor at DTU Compute, who is coordinating the technical development of the personalization systems:
- The development of recommendor systems that are able to process the continuous flow of news and users with ever changing news interests is an interesting challenge to research. Together with Ekstra Bladet we will develop systems, that will be able to create a much better experience og the news flow to thousands of Danes every day.

Anders Søgaard, Professor at DIKU at Copenhagen University(KU), who is coordinating the work on NLP:
- The break through during the latest years have not yet come to Denmark, because the leading models are trained on major languages such as English, Chinese and German. We will adjust to this by using the large amount of anonymized data from news articles from Ekstra Bladet, Politiken and Jyllands-Posten to develop language models tat can operate in Danish and with news media where facts and transparency are crucial.

The project will study the effect of the new technologies in live tests.The aim is to develop ethically responsible systems that will not create filterbubbles and echo chambers or enforce hidden bias. Professor (MSO) Mikkel Flyverbom from CBS is responsible for the research in effects, together with input from Departement of Communications at KU.

Mikkel Flyverbom, Professor at Departement for Mangement, Society and Communication at CBS:
- Artificial intelligence is already deeply intregrated in many digital medias and the consequences for society are overwhelming. On one hand the technologies hold the potential to create more relevant media and facilitate within an enormous information overload, and on the other hand it is crucial that news media will not commit the same mistakes as seen at for instance YouTube and Facebook.

More information

- Kasper Lindskow (Head of the PIN project), Head of Research and Innovation, Ekstra Bladet: kasper.lindskow@eb.dk, tlf. 25326953.

- Søren Svendsen (Member of the steering committee in PIN), CIO at JP/Politikens Hus, soren.svendsen@jppol.dk

- Anders Søgaard (Coordinator for NLP in PIN), Professor of datascience at KU: soegaard@di.ku.dk

- Jes Frellsen (Coordinator for recommender systemer in PIN), Associate Professor at DTU Compute: jefr@dtu.dk

- Mikkel Flyverbom (Coordinator for strategy and ethics in PIN), Professor (MSO) at Department of Management, Society and Communications at CBS: mf.msc@cbs.dk

- Stine Lomborg (Contributor to strategy and ethics in PIN), Associate Professor at Department of Communication at KU: slomborg@hum.ku.dk



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