Leading for strong stakeholder value

The assessment of business or organisational performance no longer relies on mere measurements of growth and profit. It is about impact on a much larger scale, including the ability to deliver on measures that tap into a greater purpose – e.g. on sustainability, social responsibility, integrity etc. Purpose-driven companies that embrace a wider stakeholder perspective have shown to outperform those with a narrow focus on the shareholder. Leadership, therefore, is about navigating with a multitude of stakeholders. We put a spotlight on leadership in three areas: Green transition, Diversity and Leading in a crisis.


Green transition

Climate Change is the largest challenge of our time and calls for a radical green transition of the economy, politics, and society at large. At CBS we want to put the things we talk about in motion, and the Green Transition Initiative is established to do just that. Green Transition at CBS brings together strong research environments, cross-disciplinary educational programmes and external key players in meeting the world’s big challenges. We work to ensure that the right people are connected, so that both researchers, students and the public at large become a part of the process to reshape our common green future.

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Read about Green Transition at CBS here


The CBS Diversity platform places CBS at the centre of diversity research. This requires an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing from the expertise of all CBS departments, national and international academia.
The Diversity and Difference Platform works to consolidate, advance, and disseminate research on diversity and difference in order to have an impact on society through strong partnerships with policy makers, business leaders, NGOs, and public organisations. Our research aims at contributing to better and more inclusive societal solutions.

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Read about Diversity at CBS here

Leading in a Crisis

Leadership in a crisis situation is about handling immediate shivering while being able to retain track on the longer perspective. It demands both overview and insight.

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