About CBS Leadership

CBS Leadership equips present and future leaders to set direction and create results through others and in collaboration. Our aim is to put a light on the type of leadership that has developed in the Nordic countries and encourage leadership principles that build on involvement and participation.



Good and responsible leadership is key to value creation and prosperity in companies and organizations. And it is crucial for the ability of businesses and the public sector to successfully assume their growing responsibility for responding to societal challenges that face Denmark and the planet as a whole. The CBS Leadership initiative wants to facilitate these advancements in leadership practise, and it is a key component in CBS ambition to take responsibility for societal challenges on both a local and a global scale.

With the CBS Leadership Initiative, CBS wants to make CBS the Nordic centre for leadership knowledge and inspiration by strengthening and mobilizing CBS leadership research, education and outreach.


CBS Leadership is a meeting place for leadership researchers and business professionals in Denmark as well as internationally. We assemble, strengthen and communicate CBS leadership research and we facilitate interaction with practitioners in the private and the public sector – to inspire the transformation that is needed to address important societal agendas of sustainability, digitalization, diversity and much more.

Combining business economics and an understanding of societal dynamics is at the core of CBS, and every day, we educate future and current leaders to set direction and deliver results in cooperation with others. The CBS Leadership Initiative draws from this pool of knowledge and interaction. We work cross-disciplinary and bring together capabilities from all levels of our organization.


CBS Leadership is a portal for accessing leadership research and knowledge produced in different areas of our university.

We will post articles, podcasts and events that promote leadership learning and inspiration, and inspire partnering and cross-disciplinary collaboration across knowledge centres at CBS.

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CBS Leadership Team

Photo: Tom McKenzie

Eva Fog Bruun
Senior Transformation Officer and heading the CBS Leadership Initiative

With +20 years of experience working with business development, marketing and branding primarily in the private sector, and with a solid background as a leadership practitioner, Eva is bridging the academic approach with the perspectives of the business professional.

Eva is also an external lecturer at the Department of Marketing at CBS.

Signe Leadership

Signe Vikkelsø
Professor, Department of Organization

Besides her work as a professor at IOA Department of Organization, Signe is the Academic Director of the CBS Leadership Initiative ensuring the academic quality of the research that is represented in the programme.

Signe has a background as a social psychologist and more than twenty years of research and teaching in organization theory and change management, a number of those with hands-on leadership experience as a Head of IOA.

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